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Consulting & Training

We provide consulting and training services throughout the world. Our team of experts from our wide and powerful network of alliances seek to empower organizations through customized trainings in their quest for business excellence. Consulting workshops, seminars and forums are held in the most engaging manner to capture participants' attention and to make the most of their learning.

Our Consulting and Training services cover the following areas:

Organisational Development Change Management Strategy Innovation Talent Management and Development Business Planning and Growth Strategies Business Systems and Processes Financial Planning Specialist Financial Planning and Strategy Exploring individual personality types and team dynamics with MBTI®

Our clients are from these industries:

Business Offering

Financial Institutions Financial Planning Businesses Accounting Businesses Professional Associations in Australia and Overseas Logistics Manufacturing Production and Marketing FMCG Retailing Engineering Marine Offshore Oil and Gas Publishing Pharmaceutical Telecommunications

Personal Career Advisory

Whether you are in the initial stages of choosing a career, researching for options, standing at a career crossroad or opening doors to new opportunities and possibilities, we will be able to support you in your career discovery journey. We offer one-to-one, tailored career advisory to support all individuals in this process.

Sign up for a private 60 minutes appointment with one of our professional Career Advisors! These sessions are conducted face to face with guided assistance in all areas of career life and together, we will work towards helping you reach the next level in your career.

The topics we can cover is based on what is most important for you and the topics can include but not limited to:

Career Exploration Job Search Strategies Values and Goals Discovery Resume Mastery Interview Coaching Networking Mid-Career Transition Salary Negotiations Business and Professional Etiquette

Contact us to find out more!


Career Coaching Workshops

Are you looking for a new career? Looking for a career switch? More room for progress? Greater challenges? What should you do? What should you NOT do?

Let us tell you the stories, tips, and tricks to enhance your career preparedness and to help you get employed or to find a new role! Our workshops are run publicly in which you can network with fellow job seekers like yourselves.

What we cover:

Topics Details
Character Discovery and Career Exploration
  • Using the MBTI® Tool to understand ourselves better and to have a better grasp of the many ways which we are all different, ways which we are the same, and the many gifts we share
  • Explore and understand your interests, aptitudes, and work-related values
  • Develop an action plan for personal and professional development
  • Guidance on career choice, progression and management
Building Cloud Connections, Be an Influencer
  • Create and cultivate a professional brand on social networking sites
  • Build strategic online presence
  • Discover top social and professional networking sites and how you can use these to enhance your career and boost your job search
  • Understand how employers hire through social media
Surviving the Resume Blackhole
  • Developing a resume value proposition reflecting your work story
  • Anatomy of a resume
  • Tricks to make your resume better than the average
  • Various resume formats - what works and what doesn't?
Presenting Yourself Powerfully
  • Discover how people see you and the impressions you make by the way you stand, move, and speak
  • How you can have the 'It' factor
  • Captivate and engage people - first impressions are lasting impressions!
  • Bring out the Best You by putting it into practice
Relationship Building for Success - From Shy to Shine
  • Introduce yourself effectively, developing a hook and telling your story
  • Mastering networking gestures
  • Identify who to connect with and where to spend your time for a win-win situation
  • Follow up and create a personal strategy for maintaining effective business relationships
Can you tell me more about yourself?
  • Preparing for your interviews
  • Understanding the types of interviewers
  • Answer interview questions impactfully and meaningfully
  • Participate in mock interviews and experience being an interviewer, interviewee, and appraiser
Dress to Impress
  • Decode professional dressing and formality
  • Identifying personal colour chart
  • Understanding individual style personality
  • Define and sharpen professional image in a contemporary workplace and during interviews
The Science and Art of the Deal
  • Quantifying the market value of your education, skills, and experience
  • Defining your salary thresholds
  • Create persuasive responses and strategic pitches in response to salary offers
  • Practice your negotiation skills
Professionalism at the Workplace
  • Understand the elements that constitute professionalism at the workplace that transcend age, culture, industry, and job scope
  • Learn how to create a professional atmosphere at the workplace
  • Discuss the connections between professionalism and workplace success
  • Reflect on professional identities

Contact us for more information on the dates of our public runs! Special rates apply for bundle or group training workshops.


MBTI® Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Assessment assessment has helped millions of people worldwide gain insights about themselves and how they interact with others - and improve how they communicate, learn, and work. It provides a useful framework for building better relationships, driving positive change, harnessing innovation, and achieving excellence.

Exploring the MBTI® Preference Pairs

MBTI® explores the psychological preference types of each individual and is understandable and highly practical.

Applications of MBTI®

Career planning and transition: Guidance on your career choice, development, and management through understanding your interests, aptitudes, and work-related values. Stress Management: Identify stress triggers, builds resilience, increases productivity, and provide strategies to manage stress. Conflict Management: Improve skills in identifying sources of conflict and intervening early to prevent underperformance, disruption, and disengagement. Leadership Development: Deepen understanding of your personality type and those whom you are leading to manage them better, give meaningful feedback and to improve overall individual and team performance. Team Development: Explore MBTI® as a team to enhance communication, identify team strengths and weaknesses, and create action plans for improved performance.

Do you prefer to deal with:

People and things OR ideas and information? Facts and reality OR possibilities and potential? Logic and truth OR values and relationships? A lifestyle that is well-structured OR one that goes with the flow?

To learn more, approach us so we can share with you your unique personality type and how it can propel you further in your personal and professional development!


Consultants / Trainers

We provide Consulting and Training services throughout the world. Our team of experts from our wide and powerful network of alliances seek to Empower your organisation through customised Synergies in your quest for business excellence.

Prof. Robert Davies


Professor, Strategist, Facilitator, Coach and Innovation Architect

Robert brings a unique range of skills and knowledge to the challenges of developing winning teams and organizations. With over 30 years experience enhancing the Strategic and Leadership skills of clients - from Silicon Valley start-ups to Global Multinationals - Robert is an expert in helping you, your team and your organisation.

Dr. Robert J. Davies

BA (Econ) MA, MA, PhD. Fellow, Centre for Management Development, London Business School and Associate Fellow in Strategy and Leadership in The Said Business School at the University of Oxford.

Expert on Strategy, Leadership, Creativity and Management

Robert is an excellent speaker who has conducted seminars, training, and consulting work in the areas of strategy, leadership, creativity, innovation, and change for the top management of international companies in more than 45 countries across Europe, North and South America, Africa, Japan and ASEAN.

His Background

Formerly a Professor of Strategy and International Business at London Business School. Robert has also been a Professor of Management and Organisation on the faculties of the Stern Graduate School of Business, New York University, the University of British Columbia and McGill University, in Canada.

Before joining the faculty of London Business School, he spent five years with Monitor Company (the strategy consulting firm co-founded by Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School) where he was in charge of their European Management Development practice. This unique practice involved working as a coach/mentor/facilitator with senior managers responsible for strategy formulation and implementation to help them enhance the competitive position - and hence profitability - of their businesses. While a Partner at Monitor Robert was also responsible for competitive strategy and operational improvement studies in a broad range of industries around the world.

Robert continues to remain active in academia and recently joined the Singapore Management University (SMU) as a visiting professor. He has received several outstanding teacher awards, and is well known as a lively and innovative speaker, lecturer and facilitator.

Training and Consulting

An experienced Consultant and Educator who has worked with clients in a diverse range of industries - including aerospace, advertising, automotive, banking, insurance and financial services, computing, consulting, consumer electronics, engineering, oil and gas, publishing, pharmaceuticals, retailing, telecoms and tourism. His clients have ranged from large global companies such as BHPBilliton, Exxon Mobil, Roche, Siemans and Phillips, to SMEs and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Speaking Engagement

Robert is a highly prolific and entertaining speaker and is often been invited to present keynote speeches, speak at company events, and at special seminars.

Executive Education

Robert has taught regularly on Advanced Management Programmes at London Business School (LBS) and Oxford.

He was Director and Lead faculty on London Business School's prestigious programme "Strategy in Action" and the Oxford Singapore Advanced Management Programme.

He was also Lead Faculty on Management Centre Europe's Programme - "Making Strategy Happen".

His programme, Strategy, Creativity and Leadership - Combining the Key Elements for Success in the Modern Organisation, has been running in Singapore and elsewhere for more than 18 years.

Building a Winning Business Model - Combining Analysis and Strategic Insight to Gain Advantage, is his latest programme is that provides senior managers the insights and tools to excel in running their businesses.

He is the author of numerous articles in the fields of international business, economics, strategy implementation and business organisation and culture in both academic and practitioner journals.

Robert received his education from

B.A. in Economics from the University of Kent at Canterbury, England, M.A. in International Economics from Carleton University, Canada, M.A. in Industrial Relations, PhD in International Business and Economics at the University of Warwick.

He lives with his wife in Singapore and in California in the USA, but flies to all corners of the world for work. To keep himself active, Robert runs wherever he goes. He has completed more than 10 marathons and has also taken up cycling. However, a fold-up bike has proven harder to pack into a suitcase than a pair of running shoes.

Adj. Prof.Wes McMaster

Adj. Prof. Wes McMaster

Business Consultant, Financial Planning Specialist

Expert in Financial Planning

Wes built his own financial planning business and ran it for 16 years. He has been the CEO of a number of large national financial planning businesses and he was Chairman of the Financial Planning Association of Australia for two years. During his period as a director of the FPA, he contributed to much of the thinking that has now emerged in the Financial Services Reform Act governing financial advice in Australia.

Prof. McMaster's present role is that he is a Director of his own consulting business, McMaster Securities Pty Ltd. He is providing business planning and strategic advice on distribution as well as the establishment and positioning of financial services businesses. He is also advising institutions and individual businesses on acquisitions and mergers. His principal clients are financial institutions, accounting groups and financial planning businesses.

Highly Sought after Trainer and Speaker

He is also providing consulting and training services in South East Asia through his company, McMaster & Tin Pte Ltd based in Singapore. He and his partner have been recently engaged in writing and delivering training courses in financial planning to private bankers in financial institutions. He is also sought after as a speaker on directions in financial planning in the region.

Wes is consulted on business issues in financial advice businesses ranging from brand name institutions to financial planning practices. He has also developed a reputation among the leading law firms as an expert in rules governing financial advice.

Wes is also a Director of The Money Managers Ltd in Melbourne as well as Adjunct Professor of Financial Planning at RMIT University.

Francies Warren Mckeown

Francis Warren Mckeown

Academist, Financial Planning Specialist, Acclaimed Author

Well known and Reputable Professional in Financial Services and Education

Warren has built a reputable profession in the Financial Services and Education sector. He was the Course Director in financial planning at the School of Economics and Finance, RMIT University. By constantly liaising with industry bodies, he develops short courses for industry practitioners. He has provided countless consultation and accounting on many financial planning matters in the Financial Services Industry. And, he has been consulting and training in various countries including Australia and Singapore, where he has also spearheaded several workshops.

For over a decade, Professor McKeown has managed undergraduate courses of both Australia and Singapore programs offered via Open Universities Australian. He was also responsible for subject development and course co-ordination for undergraduates and post-graduates. He conducts lectures in the area of Financial Planning for both the Undergraduate and Masters Courses, including subjects on Superannuation, Insurance, Estate Planning and Risk Management.

He assumes key roles and responsibilities in Financial Planning Association of Australia and Certified Public Accountant (Australia). To name a few, he is a member of the Disciplinary and Academics Progress Committee and a nominee as a panel member of the Financial Industry Complaints Service in FPA and is also a member of the Advisory Panel for CPA. Besides that, Warren is an oral assessor and writer of examination questions for the Certified Financial Planning Program.

HIghly Acclaimed Author and Editor

Warren is a highly-acclaimed author and editor. His works comprises of the best seller "Personal Finance", "The Australian Insurance Institute Journal Selected Readings - Risk Management and Insurance", "Cases in Strategic Management" and "Asia Financial Planning Journal, 2000". He has also conducted and written innumerable research activities and articles such as "Should individuals have a greater say in managing national pension schemes?" and "Do financial planners need a degree?". His current research interest concerns market efficiency, asymmetric information and agency theory in the context of personal financial planning industry.

Christina Tin


Financial Planning Specialist, Talent Management Consultant

Her Background

Christina has built an outstanding career in the Financial Services and HR industry. With more than 30 years of experience, she has built an exceptional reputation among companies and individual clients who engaged her services for her excellence in client relations, service delivery, and project outcomes.


In the HR aspect, Christina has completed HR consulting projects for both SMEs and MNCs. She has been tasked with the role of Acting HR Leader with responsibilities overseeing and providing advisory to multiple components of HR. For the financial services sector, Christina specializes in training wealth managers on financial strategy for high net-worth individuals and to guide them in transitioning from a transaction-based client relationship to an advice-based relationship. She has trained more than a thousand wealth managers around the world.

Christina is also a seasoned trainer and career coach who has been guiding students for more than 15 years. In addition, she has been an adjunct lecturer for more than 20 years, specializing in Wealth Management and Finance modules for undergraduates’ courses.


Christina was involved in a 3.5 months consulting work for a local social enterprise. The first HR consulting project for CTES with a non-profit organization. The experience is very different from commercial organization, short term and yet a meaningful journey for her! Really thankful to our client for their vote of confidence and the many encouraging feedback for her!

Hi Christina,
Thank you for briefing me on my first day at work! I really enjoy the orientation briefing by you. Here’s wishing you all the best! 😊❤
Best Wishes,
Ms M.F

Hi Christina,
Thank you for spending and sharing your short time with us, and importantly, for being here for us and supporting us during your short period of HR Consulting work.
God bless. Stay safe always.
Ms M.K

Dear Christina,
Even though the time for HR consulting work here is short, I would like to thank you for all your support and guidance to us. Thank you so much for your support once again.
Mr Ng

Dear Christina,
Thank you for your ever prompt and assuring support to HST in HR matters in the past months. Though we did not have to opportunity to meet in person, I can feel your warmth and friendliness through your emails 😊
I hope 2022 continues to keep you safe and all the best in whatever you do!
Mr S.H – local Social Enterprise

Thanks Christina,
Good to have you and you are great to work with always prompt in answering our emails and requests. All the best and take care!
Ms D.L

Thank you Christina for your patience, love and professionalism.
You will be missed.
Ms Koh

All the best to you Christina!
We haven’t met in person but you’ve been helpful in our brief interactions, and are always so cheery in your emails!
Take care!
Ms Lim

Hello Christina,
Thank you so much for your support 😊 all this while! Highly appreciate your short presence here!
Ms Ong

Dear Christina, though we have not met, I really love your style and energy! I really appreciate your ever prompt e-mail updates and replies. Will deeply miss reading emails from you!
Ms N.A

Hey Christina!
It was really nice having you around. Love your energy and enthusiasm! Wish you the best wherever life takes you 😊
Ms Lo

Hi Christina,
Thank you so much for sharing your expertise, experience and being a beacon of professionalism during your HR consulting time here. Your stint may be short, but you’ll be sorely missed. We will always be grateful to you.
Warmest regards,
Mr Ho

All the best to you, Christina! It’s been nice corresponding with you! Do take care and stay safe. 😉
Mr Q.R

Take care Christina! Though I didn’t have the chance to meet you in the office, your emails and correspondences never fail to brighten my day! All the best for your future endeavours 😊
Mr Ali

Thank you Christina for all your support and advice. Appreciate your time with us though it is just a short term HR consulting work with our company.
All the best to you! Take care!
Ms C.S.Q

Thank you Christina. Keep on spreading the positivity like you been doing these past couple of months.
Best regards,
Mr G.P

Hi Christina!
It was a great pleasure to have you! Love your zest & energy. ✨All the best in your future undertakings. 🤍
Ms S.A

Hi Christina
Thanks for your support to our company! Although it might be a short time, I did sense that our HR department has improved! Especially setting up of the enhanced EAP!
Best regards
Mr Chua

Good afternoon Christina,
Thank you for your effort and hardwork during this season.
Wishing you all the best in your future undertakings
All the best to you for 2022.

Hi Christina,
Many thanks for your super supportive style. We will miss you.
Take care and stay safe :)
Mr J

Dear Christina,
It was great to have known you within this short time. Thank you so much for supporting us in this wonderful way!
Wishing you a Wonderful 2022 ahead!
Ms Wong

Hi Christina,
Just wanted to say thank you😃
Your emails always radiate such warmth and kindness.
Take care and keep well!
Warm regards,
Ms Goh

Hi Christina,
So fast??!! Before I know it, it’s already end of term for your HR consulting work with us! Thought we only had you for a while!!! Grateful for all your support and leadership, and taking the “roller-coaster ride” with us during this unprecedented period 😊.
I wish you all the very best, you will be deeply missed!
Ms Ho

"Dear Chris, Your willingness to spend the amount of time (2 hours) with me on 4th June make me feel that you are a great boss to work with. Your willingness to hear me out, your care and concern on employees’ income have proved that you are a really a person showing care in action. You shared with me more about your walk with the Lord make me understand about your positive values with God. I am inspired with your cheerings. Thank You!"

"Sister Chris You are a very kind and generous sister that I have known. I am just a temp staff for 1 year, but you invested in me to further upgrade myself. You are a role model to me. Thank You!"

"Dear Chris, You are a very lovely and wonderful boss. I think I’ve mentions it many many times before and I must say it again, YOU ARE THE BEST BOSS! Despite facing numerous difficulties in managing us, your tolerance and perseverance always amaze me. It’s like you have an enormous capacity, a bottomless pit of strength and determination in bringing you every step of the way. Your kindness and generosity towards people has inspired me to be a better person. I’m not always a kind, patient or tolerant person but with your guidance and learning from you, it has transformed me step by step and has make me slightly better than who I was initially. Thank You!"

"Dear Chris, Thank you for your understanding & patient that you have given to me until now. I might be slow in understanding & picking something. But you are always patient & willing to explain & teach me. Besides that, I just knew that when I stay overtime, you would purposely stayed overtime as well. Just in case I will feel lonely. This makes me really feel that I’m not alone. I really thank you for that."

"Dear Chris, Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with you. Really looking forward to give my 100% to you and CTES. May we make CTES the No.1 Recruitment Agency for Best experience to both Clients and Candidates. All The Best!"

"Dear Chris, Thanks for being a very kind person, giving me the chance to learn & grow at this company & investing in me. I want to learn how to be kinder & give people opportunities to grow too."

"Hi Chris, You are a good boss to follow & though things might not be as smooth sailing as it seem for the past 3 years, you make me realised that by not giving up, you are giving other & yourself another chance. Good Job!"

"Dearest Christina, Appreciate your generosity and always feed us with food and courses. It is really my blessings to receive and be with CTES. Yours sincerely."

"Hi Chris, You are definitely the most caring and generous boss I have ever worked with. You are always caring towards your staff, no matter how challenging it is. You are generous (not in buying meals for us) but in keen to invest on us. It is a pleasure working with you. Thank You.

"Dear Chris, I appreciate your kindness and generosity in bringing me to CTES. Kindness and generosity are values I hold close to my heart too. Glad to have met you. Many Thanks."

Ms A.L. Tan, Senior Manager, Recruitment Agency
"Christina possesses good leadership qualities and has done a wonderful job in training, motivation, guiding and supporting all of us whenever we need her. She will uncover individual's qualities and give opportunities for us to grow and improve ourselves."

"She shows good character and quality leadership. She has a good understanding of the recruitment market. She is precise, a good presenter, team player, structured and well-organized in day to day routine matters. She has good business acumen and is responsive to problem solving and can make good business solutions. Christina is also very encouraging, patient and listens well to one's problem. She is like a mentor to me."

Ms H.H. Lim, Recruitment Manager
"Miss Christina Tin, as our company consultant, was leading the whole team comprising of sales, accounts, administration and HR department. I, as the Manager cum Sales Team Leader, reported to her directly and respected her as my superior. She displayed great leadership and definitely has the ability to positively turn around our company. She motivates and encourages everyone of us; gave us advice for further improvement and patiently groom and gives opportunities to everyone in the company. Her patience and benevolence is greatly appreciated."

"Though she was our company consultant for fifteen months, she has shown tremendous care and concern to employees and always strives to provide the best for both the company and employees. I am most pleased to endorse her as an excellent consultant who has delivered and perform her utmost. I would like to also take the opportunity to wish her success in her everything that she does!"

Ms A J Chua, Consultant, Recruitment Agency
"A friendly yet dynamic individual, Christina is always optimistic and encouraging. She showed a great deal of patience in guiding and grooming us. Though it is only close to a year of working with her, Christina is very humble and never shown the air of a company consultant. It is always exciting having sessions with her because she is always willing and generous in sharing her knowledge and life experiences. It is indeed a good harvest having her with us."

Ms M Y Fu, Recruitment Consultant, Recruitment Agency
"It has been a great privilege to work with Christina as our Company consultant. She is a woman of tremendous charisma, enthusiasm and great capacity. Christina never fails to inspires us. More than just our consultant, she is also our cheerleader as well as counselor. Having a positive outlook, she always believes in us and seek to bring us to greater heights and discovering the potential in each individual. Christina has created tremendous impact where all of us can have dreams and fulfill our fullest potential and be successful in our arena. The greatness of a man's dream is in the other 'dream it holds'. Christina has educated and empowered us individually towards our dream while pursuing her dreams and aspirations."

"I hope that she will make greater impacts and bring many to greater heights with the treasures inside of her."

Ms Penny Mok, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Recruitment Agency
"Christina has made great improvements to our administrative, sales and accounting processes. Christina is dependable, knowledgeable and meticulous. She displays a great sense of responsibility and has a very pleasant personality. She is well-liked by all of us."

"Christina is highly capable and efficient in her profession. I thank Christina for her dedication, commitment and guidance."

Ms W C Ow Yeong, Recruitment Consultant, Recruitment Agency
"Christina is a great person to work with. She is patient in her dealings with people and she always makes herself available to us. She is dependable and also a great mentor!"

"She is constantly seeking to unleash potential of each staff and is committed to their success. She is a great cheerleader and she has the "power" to make people think positively about themselves and the situation. She also can make people believe they can achieve better result and never to give up. Well, working with Christina is definitely an experience not to be forgotten."