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No matter what line of work you are in, working and interacting with others is inevitable. Handling people, managing conflicts and maintaining work relationships are all challenging things to do. Often times, we struggle to figure out how we can react the most appropriately to a particular work situation. This is why developing interpersonal skills at work is so important. They help us to form and maintain effective working relationships, which ultimately allows u...

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In commemoration of labour day, we wanted to celebrate our headhunters (also called executive recruiters) at CTES and the important work that they do for both organisations and candidates.
In our latest article, we talk more about what headhunters do, what sets headhunting apart from other occupations, and how the future of headhunting might look like.

  1. What...

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Did you know?

CTES was founded in 2005 and initially focused on providing training and consulting for businesses, specifically in the areas of financial planning, organisation development, business strategy as well as talent acquisition and management. We have since then branched out to offer...

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In CTES, we often kick-start our career preparation and search services with expert-led Character Discovery sessions. Why is this important as a first step? Self exploration is crucial as it gives us better insight to our interests, aptitudes, and work-related values. This knowledge can help us make suitable choices in terms of what career to embark on, what work environments we are likely to t...

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Building a work environment where employees feel motivated, appreciated and engaged is pertinent at CTES. In past group meetings, we discussed with our employees what an ideal workplace looks like for them. Most of them mentioned the following:

  1. An environment where employee feedback and sugge...

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In our previous article, we shared more about what the gig economy is and the perks and challenges of being a gig worker. We also talked about the broad talent spectrum model and how companies are beginning to embrace the gig economy talent. If you are currently a gig worker who is feeling lost or unsure of how to grow your business, we hope that these four tips will be able to guide and encourage you.


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In part one of our series of articles on the gig economy, we share more about its background, the benefits it offers and the challenges it poses for both workers and businesses.

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The gig economy has been around for many years. It...

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1. Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
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You might be familiar with this scenario. Scrolling through endless job portals and submitting countless resumes. After weeks of anticipation, you open your inbox only to see an email that writes, ‘Thank you for your application, but we have found other more suitable candidates.’.
Not too long ago, simply responding to job listings o...

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