Career Preparatory Talk with PSB Academy - 2

August 01, 2018

Career Preparatory Talk with PSB Academy - 2

We are back once again at PSB Academy to give a Career Preparatory Talk!

We coached the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students in PSB’s newly opened STEM campus. The students were presented with insights of the recruitment process and it is an eye-opener for them to understand how recruiters work and how they can work on to make their profiles eye-catching.

Nevertheless, it is not only about the papers that matter! We also shared how the students can present themselves through their image by power dressing and taught them interview skills. Covering the topic of social media, students also learned how to present themselves not only in-person but also in the virtual social sphere. Social media plays an active role in the millennials as everything from academia to industry work is going online. These social platforms act as a marketing tool for students to showcase their skills.

The STEM students can now level up in their career preparatory skills!
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