Power of LinkedIn for Your Career

April 25, 2019

Power of LinkedIn for Your Career

Do you have a LinkedIn account? What do you use it for? It is an easy way to reconnect with an ex-co-worker or schoolmates. However, many members of LinkedIn are not making the full use of this social media platform to their advantage. Discovering it’s features and functions will unlock its potential for greater things you least expected!

LinkedIn as a marketing tool
Andrew Hickey, director of digital marketing at Cornell University who manages $2 million a year in marketing spent on LinkedIn suggests that the simplest thing anyone can do to gain more out of LinkedIn is to increase participation. He adds that this could be spending a half hour a day on LinkedIn with a chosen focus, such as contributing to a discussion, sharing content or expanding your network.

Besides using LinkedIn for your business, especially for B2B, it is also a simple tool to get you headhunted. So how do you go about it?

1. Build your profile

Your profile should read like a resume, reflecting on your experience. It is worth to get your profile right and accurate just as you would for your resume.

2. Be Accessible

Make yourself easy to be found by others, especially is you are actively looking out for job opportunities. Keep in mind to use keywords because just like a job board, recruiters will find you based on keyword searches. It is also recommended to include your phone number or at least an email address so you can be easy and quick to reach.

3. Get connected

The chances of people being found is based on how connected that person is. Unlike some other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, it shouldn’t only be reserved for close friends. LinkedIn is a networking site. Recruiters use referrals to find candidates, so the more connected you are (to the right connections), this increases your probability to be found.

4. Join groups

Another way to gain exposure is to join groups that interest you. This helps you to stay connected and in tune with your interests. A tip is to join groups that are within your targeted industry if you are looking for a job.

Construct your profile carefully and don’t neglect your online presence!

LinkedIn Etiquette

We conduct training on effectively using social media for careers, a few weeks ago, we spoke at the London School of Business and Finance on the effective use of LinkedIn and navigated the audience through the different features of LinkedIn. The students discovered new functions and even how the functions they already know are useful and can benefit them in their career! Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn! Harness its strength!
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