Career Transformation, Education, and Support Programme

July 23, 2019

Career Transformation, Education, and Support Programme

Do you know?

CTES offers our very own Career Preparation Programme! Our Career Transformation, Education, and Support Programme is an innovative career preparation series with a triple focus on Career Support (Reflections and Development), Career Education (Structured Training), and Career Transformation (Experiential Learning).
Delivered by seasoned recruiters of over 15 years and experienced career coaches with a good blend of industry knowledge and recruitment expertise, you will have the opportunity to receive professional career advisory and valuable industry insights that will help you greatly in your job search.
This holistic programme aims to prepare job seekers in all aspects of career readiness and to create a new generation of workforce which is adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of the future. Job seekers with working experience have the option to customize a programme package to cover salient topics in their career search. Students or fresh graduates are advised to walk through the whole programme journey with us so learning can be maximized!

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