Mr. Khairun, Candidate

The CTES Consultant is very helpful and supportive in helping me to arrange for the interview with her client. As I had heavy work commitments, I had no choice but to change the interview date 3 times with her and her clients. She readily and tactfully made arrangements without inconveniencing all parties. Her persistence and patience towards my situation helped me to get the job that I wanted!

Ms A. Tan, Candidate

This is the first time that I have engaged CTES Consulting Pte Ltd to help me source for a position that suits my experience. The consultant who interviewed me was very dedicated and committed. I do sincerely find their services very professional and genuine.  Keep It Up, CTES!

Ms Teo, Candidate, HR Executive

Thank you CTES Consultant for your excellent effort and for taking the extra mile to follow-up on my application status with your client. You have provided me with valuable feedback and advice during the interview session. I feel that our session before the interview with the client is very rewarding. Thank you very much for adding value to my job application.

James, Associate Engineer, Listed Government Link Company, March 2011

I would like to appraise one of your consultant for her friendly and caring personality . Firstly, she has been friendly from the time I received the 1st call from her till the end of my job hunting process. On top of that, she is also patient towards my tons of questions even after office hours. It is rare to meet someone that is so committed. Secondly, she managed to get me a job within 2 weeks. This shows that she is efficient and responsive. Lastly, I would like to appraise her unreservedly for her abilities and responsive actions.

Tai YS, Customer Service Asst, Listed Retail company, March 2011

CTES has the "MOST" friendly consultant I have seen compared to many other recruitment agencies I have been to. Other Recruitment Consultants can't be compared to her as she really put her whole heart in to help her candidate. She briefed me with the job details, provided a detailed explanation to me about the possible questions that the interviewer will ask and let us as her candidate be mentally prepared for interview so we will not be nervous and get stuck during the interview. It is really heartwarming to find such a good and helpful consultant to help me (all her candidates must have felt the same). 

Sonia Hui, Sales Admin, Candidate, April 2011

Indeed, the interview session with Jaclyn was a value adding experience for me. I really appreciate her tips and feedback provided during the interview. She has provided me with a lot of details about the company and ensured that I am aware about the job scope as well as the employer's expectations.

Mr Peh, Senior HR Executive, Leading Listed Company in Engineering Services

It has been a pleasure working with CTES so far.  I am impressed with CTES’ responsiveness to our requirements and also with the quality of service rendered to us. Even though we may not have provided you with a comprehensive job description at times, you have not failed in trying your best to source for the candidates we require. Finding the right candidate for an engineering position in the plant construction industry is very challenging; especially so if you do not have any technical background. Nevertheless, you have demonstrated a willingness to learn, positive attitude and professionalism in your work. I trust that CTES and our organization will be able to foster a mutually beneficial and long-term business relationship. Thank you CTES!

Miss Chua, Admin Assistant

My CTES Consultant was very patient with my requests and seeked to address my concerns. She also helped me to identify my potential career path. I very much enjoyed working with her, and would recommend her as a consultant to any job seeker.

Mr Loh, Service Advisor

The CTES Consultant put in a lot of effort in aligning my schedule with the client even after numerous changes. She also prepared me for the interview. She is very different from the other consultants, as she played a critical role in my job application by giving me a practice session and tips before I went for the interview. Eventually, I did get the position. Thank you, CTES Consultant.

Mr Seah, Sales Executive

I was a little stubborn about sticking to the same industry, but the CTES Consultant helped to point out new industries that I could try out. She also followed up very closely with me, and tried very hard to answer all my questions regarding the role and the eventual offer that came along. I have been working in the role for a while now, and I would like to say Thank You.

Mr Lim, Assistant Engineer

As a fresh graduate, I didnt really know what I wanted to do. I am also generally more reserved, but the CTES Consultant took the time to talk to and understand me, eventually leading me on the right path. I am very happy in my position now.

Mary Lee, Guest Relations Officer, Listed Company, July 2011

I would like to thank CTES for offering me the opportunity to work at the listed company. I appreciate all the assistance you have provided me during my job search. Your expertise, helpfulness and friendliness have been invaluable during this process. Thank you very much!

Aaron, Candidate for an established Education Institute

I would like to express my appreciation to CTES Consultant. Thank you very much for extending your help. I have been passing applications for two weeks with no positive appointments. Then you called me and helped me market my profile to your client. Without your help, the client may not have shortlisted and eventually hired me. Thank you very much for the advice you gave me during our meeting, as it was very beneficial when I faced the client. Thank you also for extending extra effort in following up with my application. With your help,  I have managed to secure a job within 2 weeks. 

Mr Toe, Candidate for a an established education institute

I would like to thank CTES for securing a perfect job for me. I have been hunting for a job for nearly 3 months and it was really frustrating for me as I was not able to get the right job. CTES really did a good job in finding a public institution which is looking for an employee with qualifications and skills that fit me nicely. Your Consultant has been very efficient and prompt in providing valuable service to me. She has helped me throughout the process until the appointment letter was signed. I would certainly recommend CTES to my friends who are job hunting.

Ms Gracie N., Candidate

Dear CTES, Thank you so much for providing such a good platform and service while finding a suitable job offer for me. Once again, I look forward to get acquainted with you in the future and my very sincere thanks to CTES consultants.

Ms Liew, Candidate

Dear CTES,Thank you very much for your interview with me on 14.03.2013. Your precious time and effort is very appreciated. Thank you once again for your effort in guiding and encouraging me to go for a group interview. I had a very pleasant experience there even though I think I did not express myself well enough for my first time in a group interview. I hope to find a suitable job with your outstanding consulting service.

Mr Tan, Candidate

Dear CTES, Honestly, this is my very first experience receiving help from a recruitment specialist for a potential job offer. I have never witnessed such efficency and truly excellent service standards being provided in my entire life. I honestly appreciate your help to me in life. Thanks ;)

Ms Mariani, Candidate

Dear CTES, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your interview at 04:00 pm on 16 April 2013, Tuesday, for the Customer Care Officer position.  I felt a wonderful rapport with you and was very much encouraged by the discussions we have had during the interview. I am more confident that I will fit in beautifully and contribute my experience, skills and talents to the Company's success. I greatly appreciate you for taking time to talk with me about this exciting opportunity. Once again, CTES, I thank you.

Mr Yang, Candidate

Dear CTES, I would like to thank Ms Tin for taking precious time to give me an interview. It was a very nice experience for me. Not only did it help me to improve my presentation skills, it also gave me some valuable ideas on how to become a successful professional. I really appreciate your help. Thanks and best regards!

Ms Lim, Candidate

Dear CTES, I would like to say a BIG Thank You for giving me the opportunity to have an interview session with you and being so encouraging and supportive throughout the process of interview session to being getting the job. I can always remember you calling me giving me support and encouraging me before my 1st interview session . Your supportive and encouraging words will always be with me in my memory.  You are the 1st recruitment consultant that is being so thoughful, friendly and supportive.I salute your professionalism and attitude. Last but not least, thanks for always being there to assist me  when there is a need to. I hope that our new find friendship will not end here after i got the job but keep going forward instead. Once again, thank you and is my blessing to get to know CTES!