Ms Nabila, Candidate

Thank you CTES for guiding me and thank you for your good and prompt service. CTES has been very reliable & positive through out the whole waiting process. I would definitely recommend my friends to CTES! I've seen many consultant but none followed up or make sure I get a job.

Mr Fida, Candidate

Dear CTES, First and foremost I would like to thank you for securing the part time job for me even though I have to turn down the offer due to I am looking more on a permanent basis. Personally I also would like to thank you and your boss for the giving me the tips on how to prepare and answer questions during interview. That's such a good and fruitful session that I have with you and your boss.   

Ms Lam, Candidate

Dear CTES, It is a pleasant and fruitful interview meeting with you yesterday. I really appreciate the time and effort you spent to help me for the opportunity for 1st interview despite your busy schedule.  The guidance and tips provided are definitely adding value to me.  It help me to be better prepared for an interview with the prospective employer.  Your service is very professional and sincere.  I would like to thank you  for your effort and time spent to try to secure an interview for me.

Ms Toh, Candidate

Dear CTES, thanks for your sincere guidance and kind support and it is my pleasure to meet you. Thanks so much!

Ms Ang, Candidate

Dear CTES, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for arranging the interview. I would also like to thank you for your effort to try to secure the job for me.

Ms Chunping, Candidate

Dear CTES, Job hunting is a nightmare until I found CTES! The consultant is resourceful, approachable and helpful. Nevertheless I love her openness about different topics on jobs, providing useful information on the positions, and ability to match me to my ideal career. CTES is amazing well connected and offers alot of different jobs. Thank you so much! May you be blessed, always!

Ms Lim, Candidate

Dear CTES, Thank you for your time and advise on the interview. It is helpful and enlighten me on what to prepare and take note of for the interview.  Once again, thank you for your efforts.

Jyh Yong, Sales Engineer
Dear CTES, thank you for your time in providing this wonderful experience for preparing me for the upcoming interview. Honestly, I was dreadful at first before going to another recruitment firm, due to some negative experiences from the leading recruitment firm. After I met these wonderful people, they gave me insights and prepared me of what would be expected from an upcoming interview, an interview training we received from my institution, but a more in depth one. It even sparks a desire in me to be like one of them, inspiring and helping interviewees to secure a job in the market. Be prepared to spend a little more time with them and the lessons they provide will definitely benefit you. Thank you once again!

Lak, Recruitment Officer

Dear CTES, Thank you for giving me the opportunity for fixing the appointments without delaying And was great pleasure meeting you guys.You & your colleague were quite fast and effecient on fixing the appointments both ends. Once again thank you so much for your great assistance.

Jamie, Sales Executive

Dear CTES, I would like to thank you for the generous help during our meeting conversation. It will definitely be a great help for me. :) your services is definitely a thumbs up! Thanks again.

Jin Hwui, Candidate

Dear Consultant,

Thank you so much for the effort and service you gave in my job search process. I am very grateful for all you have done and would recommend your service and CTES Consulting to my fellow HR professionals.