Eik Boon, Candidate

Hi Jaclyn,

I am delighted to receive your email.

A restructuring exercise in my organisation led to my branch and position to be defunct, and I have been unemployed since June last year.

I have attended a number of career fairs organized by WDA since Apr this year. At each event, I have also submitted my resume to the recruiting agencies/employers for my job application.

CTES is the first agency that reviewed my resume and came back to me within a week. In addition, it also provided a JD that matches my skills and experience so well. Your service is efficient, effective and excellent, especially your great effort to work late in the evening to send the news to me. I believe and trust that with your professionalism, I will be offered a suitable job very soon. I look forward to hear more great news from CTES. Thank you!

William Neo, Candidate

I had a very pleasant working relation with CTES' consultant. He was able to assist me in engaging with my potential company and address all inquiries that was raise during the interview process. Fast respond, swift decision and a dash of personal touch makes the interview process smooth and pleasant.

CTES is very efficient and provides excellent service. I am impressed with their professionalism, high service standards and responsiveness.

Sashi, Candidate

I wanted to thank CTES for the time and effort that he had invested into securing a post for me. I am truly grateful. He had given me a lot of insight into how an interviewee would perceive some of my responses and mannerisms, which helped immensely during the interview. In addition, he were also very friendly and understanding throughout the entire process. It was refreshingly different from the usual cool and professionally detached attitude adopted by the consultants I have encountered in the past. He were genuine, and that helped me to stay firm in my decision to move to this post, in spite of some of the minor setbacks.

I will definitely refer my friends and colleagues to CTES, if they were to look for a change in career.

Amanda Tan, Candidate

Dear Consultant,

Thank you for staying back beyond the office hours to meet up. It was really nice speaking to you, especially there was similar identity where you know what my concerns were since you were from HR before.

I really love to talk to you, especially as a friend.

I keep my fingers crossed on the positions applied as it really subject to the hiring managers' preferences. Be it work related or not, would like to stay connect with you.

Senior Director, HR, Client (Public University)

The consultant works with our university on a few search assignments, particularly in the area of Advancement and Development. She also assisted me in the search for Technology Transfer Director. In my encounter with her, I found her to be very client focused, and responsive in her service level. She is persistent and has a way of sussing good candidates and particularly people that were a good match for the university. I would highly recommend her to any future clients looking to search for good candidates, or difficult to fill roles. She is very good in her craft and one of the best I have seen!


Jordan, Candidate

CTES' consultant is a passionate recruiter who always place herself before others. I am lucky to be able to know her. She provides me with professional advices and patiently guide me to achieve my dream job for my next career phase. Her stringent process of selecting candidates to represent CTES truly place her one notch ahead of others.

Alan Lee, Senior Manager (Public University)

I was introduced to one of the consultants of CTES by a friend in April this year and I embarked on a journey that changed my career from banking to education. And the journey was a good one because of CTES. I had some experiences with other headhunting firm and CTES is the best so far. The consultant met up with me swiftly after introduction to find out about my career experiences and objectives. Her professionalism impressed me because she followed up closely with various stakeholders and me. She also gave excellent suggestions and constructive comments prior to my interview to improve my chances. Hence things turned out well and it boiled down to 2 choices. The consultant again showed her experiences and helped me to choose the organisation that satisfied my requirements the most. I am glad to share my experience with CTES to anybody and hope CTES continues to progress not only in Singapore and as well as internationally.

Lucile Yang, Candidate

CTES' consultant facilitated my job placement to the right position at the right organization for my next career step. He demonstrated great effort and patience in understanding the job requirements and devoted tremendous hard work to ensure all grounds are covered in the recruitment process. He helped me a lot with his interview tips and art of negotiation and never failed to give prompt response even after business hours. He consistently gave prompt updates on the search status and even after I land the job, he still keeps in contact and ensures everything goes well. His service is excellent and I highly recommend him if you need a responsible and professional recruiter to help you in getting your ideal job. Thanks CTES and I greatly appreciate the help you had rendered to me!


Anthony Keh, Asst Director, Head of Resourcing (Public University)

The consultant has a way with searching out candidates from sources least expected. That's what headhunting should be all about.

Bernard Lee, Senior Manager Alumni & Donors Relations (Public University)

Jaclyn exudes absolute professionalism, demonstrates thorough industry knowledge, possesses an astute sense of talent recognition and has great ability to empathize with her clients. I am very grateful for her professional advice and coaching when I was represented by CTES, and am thankful to her for enabling my career to progress by identifying and recommending the right job for me.

Mr. H.H. Tan, QA Engineer, with a leading Japanese company

I would like to take this opportunity to commend and thank CTES for his valuable advice regarding job interviews as well as useful information related to job hunting, which have helped me a lot in securing the QA Engineer position with my current company. I appreciate his assistance very much. Please keep up with the good work, CTES. I am looking forward to proceed with the new chapter in my career.

Ada Cham, Admin Asst, Candidate, January 2011

CTES has a very helpful, friendly and cheerful consultant. She treated her candidate as her friend and left a very good impression. She presented herself confidently, and I am glad that she helped me throughout my applications and follow-up with the applications even when she is away from office. Sincerely thankful to meet such a nice lady throughout my meetups with other consultants in other recruitment agencies. Well Done and Thumbs up for her!

Ivan, Sales Executive, candidate, February 2011

Dear CTES, Thank you very much for your kind help during my job hunt. I would especially like to show my deepest appreciation to you for taking so much time to advise me on how to get a successful interview, including how to reply the questions and how to organize my background. It was a big support for me. Thanks again for your kind advice.

Ms Angelia L, HR Manager (Recruitment), Japanese MNC, Sept 2010

Dear CTES, You did a Wonderful job for the selection. Keep it up!

Jaclyn Tham, HR Executive

Thank you for your kind arrangement and quick response in arranging an interview with your client. The interview was a refreshing experience although it did not materialise. Thank you for updating me on my status and keeping a lookout for me, appreciate your effort.

Christina Lim, HR Executive of a total boutique catering solutions provider

You have been a great help and I look forward to getting more candidates from you. Well Done!

Sheily Lau, Candidate

Hi Christina, I have found a job. I'm so grateful for your help in my job search. Thank you for the encouragement and advice you gave during my interview with you. Everything you have taught me gave me confidence and made my interview a success. Thank you very much.

Ms M.J. Roshilla, Candidate

I would like to say thank you to Christina Tin from the bottom of my heart. I used all that you have adviced me to do during an interview and it worked so well for me. I have already acquired a job on my very first interview. It amazed me on how much your technique worked for me. I would definitely ask my friends to seek advice from you. Once again, I deeply thank you for taking a chance on me with my resume.

Stephen J, HR cum Admin Executive, Leading Japanese MNC

Dear Christina, I don't know how to put things properly in words but I'm really grateful and thankful to God for bringing someone to me to guide me along through my final interview. Thank you so much for your patience, kindness and commitment to making sure that I went into the interview prepared and came out happy as well. Honestly, I had been searching for a job for the past like 4 months and was nearly going to give up, until a call from CTES consultant.

Thank you for your tips for the interview, it really really helped. The fact that you asked me if I had any questions, the way you corrected and rated the way I answered the interview questions("preliminary interview" before the real one), I think this really helped me and will help interviewees in their interviews. Sometimes, I think interviewees may not know what went wrong in their interview, like their responses and so on, some may not even think anything went wrong. So personally I believe consultants like yourself, are people we need to help us ask the "right questions" regarding our responses to interview questions. We need help in like knowing how "we should answer" and how to react and respond when certain interview questions drive us to the corner.

Most importantly, what touched me most was how you stuck with me all the way until the interview was over. That really made a difference to me Christina. I thank God that I had someone who was professional and experienced to be my guide every step of the way. I feel this is what fresh graduates like myself need, especially during the recession. Thank you for your patience, cheerfulness and guidance really. On behalf of my parents, my mother especially was very encouraged by you. Thank you so much once again and may you continue to bless so many more out there who are still struggling to find jobs!:) Thanks so much Christina and may the Lord bless you!!!! Take Care!!

Dear CTES, Thank you so much for your warm, friendly and ever encouraging personality. It really made me feel comfortable when I came to the consultancy. Another thing was, the advice which you gave me was very good too (about sitting position and body gestures). I think these tips really make interviewees like myself know how to behave appropriately for the interview. I really appreciate and thank you so much for your smiles and cheerfulness. This also made me feel at home. I apologize when I kept calling to ask for direction and thank you immensely for taking time and patience to guide me. This really made me day. May you continue to be this way to the rest of your clients because it would indeed make a difference in their lives. Thanks once again!! God Bless!!

Ms S.H Lim, Candidate

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I am writing with regards about a consultant of CTES Consulting Pt Ltd. His services have been entirely satisfactory. Apart from being prompt, he is also professional in the way he presented himself. This is crucial for the positive image of the company and especially so to a client/candidate's confidence of the company. I would like to thank him and Ms Christina Tin for the valuable pointers which they shared with me during the interview we had on 9 May 2008, they were sincere and had shown a keen interest to know more about my needs and concerns in order to provide the best match for me; this kind of service is hardly found elsewhere which is somewhat commercialized. The session has definitely given me a boost not only to my confidence but also to the overall development of my personality. I would not hesitate to recommend, which I already had, CTES Consulting Pte Ltd to my friends. Although I did not get the job through them, I certainly got the blessing from CTES Consulting Pte Ltd. May all the good things that is going to happen will manifest for you. Thank You!