CTES has been helpful in providing full assistance from acquiring and compiling detailed information about the potential candidate for the client (Employer) to review and finally to help the candidate secure a job. Most importantly, all the processes are clear cut and thorough. They are indeed professional consultants. They are able to provide solutions and proper advice to all queries. Some of the examples are dealing with MOM for Employment Pass issuance issues, helping the candidate to understand the job background, benefits, salary, etc. I’m one of the successful candidates who has found a job under CTES consultant recommendation. Thank you CTES.

Ming Rui


As someone who has never engaged a recruitment agency, my experience with CTES Consulting Pte Ltd has been a positive and memorable one. I would like to compliment CTES for aptly matching my experience & technical expertise to the hiring company’s requirements. I found the meeting with the CTES Consultant (before the interview with the hiring manager) to be a particularly value-adding experience. It provided me with useful advice and much needed background information about the position and department to aid me in my preparations for the interview. 
I would like to commend Jaclyn Tan for her professionalism and assistance in securing for me my current position. Jaclyn has been very prompt and efficient in her follow-ups and updates during the entire process; from application to the signing of the contract. I’m particularly amazed by how quickly she had managed to expedite my application to secure an interview with the hiring manager within the week. I would also like to compliment her ability to add a personal touch in the professional candidate-recruiter relationship; from dropping a text to ask how was the interview and if the job scope was within expectations, to following-up with the hiring manager on my interest for the position, and giving reminders on the documents required. I’m especially grateful for Jaclyn’s assistance in securing for me a favourable salary package.
With such excellent service that made this job-seeking process a pleasant one, I would recommend CTES to potential job seekers and anyone who might be considering a career switch. 


Dear CTES, 

I would like to thank you for your excellent service in facilitating my appointment to my new job. Though it was a long period before the start date of my new appointment was confirmed, you had been very helpful and professional in answering my queries. You had constantly kept in touch with me and informed me of the latest developments. Much appreciated.


CTES has been very helpful and timely throughout the recruitment process, from application to the offer stage. They regularly provide status updates and are very patient with my queries. They are very professional.

Appreciation for getting a job offer

Hi Reggie and Jaclyn
I am writing to express my appreciation and compliment for Ms Reggie and Jaclyn professionalism, efficiency and pro-activity in connecting me with a suitable, potential employer.
It has been a personally trying time finding a job placement for myself as I looking out for a job almost 3 months and I thank Reggie and Jaclyn for their understanding in this regard as they assisted to expedite my application and very quickly secured an interview for me. Reggie and Jaclyn provided their professional advice and insights very clearly and patiently and has also been tactful, sincere and genuine in their interactions with me through her prompt updates, reminders and follow-ups. 
I would like to reiterate that Reggie and Jaclyn invaluable support, without which I may not have found a suitable job placement so quickly. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend their expertise to people I know who may require it.

Best Regards

Client Centric Consulting Service Provider

CTES is definitely an excellent job consulting service provider that stands out among the many in Singapore.

Apart from being professional in their administrative work and communication, they are always looking out to understand and bridge perspectives between hirer and jobseeker to ensure a good fit. Their consultants look beyond just filling up a job opening. They genuinely care for candidate’s aspiration, interests and concerns. They are approachable and supportive throughout my journey in searching for opportunities, going for interviews and considering job offering.

I would highly recommend CTES to hirers and jobseekers.


Professional and efficient

Jaclyn has managed to successfully match me with my dream job. I hadn't expected the role to reach me that soon. She had identified my experiences and potential. She was relentless in her attempt to communicate and coordinate both the clients' needs. She provided valuable advice throughout the entire process. Thank you for the professional and efficient performance Jaclyn!


"This is my first session consulting with CTES. The team is very efficient and provide an exception service. Two consultants were assigned and both of them were friendly, approachable, and understanding. They were constantly there to support me and assist me with the hiring process - I've just been told that I have been selected by the hiring company and I wouldn't have done it without their help. Please keep up the good work and my sincere appreciation for your service."

Best Regards,
Yin Kai


Good day

"My experience with CTES Consulting Pte Ltd has been a memorable and positive one thus far. I never imagined that a passive profile placed on JobStreet can be picked up and led to several job opportunities that were facilitated by the CTES' consultant.
The consultant struck me as an affable, approachable, patient and pro-active lady, who always listens actively to my concerns and formulate a solution that is amenable to the candidate and the hiring managers. A vivid example that I recounted would be my tight schedule which often conflicted with those of the hiring managers. Her resilience and people-centricity forms the bridge that defuse such conflicts and allow me to continue with my interviews, while minimizing the impact to my current work. This meant a lot to me, because not all recruiters will attempt to make such arrangement which may incur the ire of most hiring managers.
She is also candid in sharing her experience with me on how to ace my interviews and encourage me to keep an open mind to explore these opportunities, even though I have some reservations in some instances.
These qualities that the consultant exudes are instrumental in promoting and advancing Collaboration, Trust, Empathy and Service-excellence in an organization that are sorely missed these days, and I am glad to be on the receiving end of these attributes in her.
Regardless of the outcomes of my interviews, I will surely want to continue keeping in touch with the consultant and her team for future opportunities, who had done an excellent job in profiling me to the hiring managers, which I am truly appreciative of.
If you need any professional career advice or is looking out for your next career move, look no further, the consultants at CTES Consulting will be there to aid you in your career."
Thank you for your help and advice rendered thus far.



The team has brought competence to the table with a mix of a very positive attitude and extremely friendly demeanour to ensure an excellent fit for me both technically and culturally in my next role.
CTES consultant, is certainly very organised and rational and has an efficient follow-up system -- from pointers to good-luck messages.
The team has remained active in my entire recruitment process until the very end.
Highly recommended for any future collaboration!


It has been my pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet CTES and Jaclyn.
You have been very supportive and encouraging with your constant updates as well as providing suitable opportunities where possible. 
Your thoughtfulness and sincerity speaks volumes of your professionalism and sets you apart from other recruiters that I have met over the years.
Kudos to you!
Kelvin Koh


I would like to thank Jaclyn and CTES for identifying me as a suitable person for a role that they had. Before submitting my application I was called down for a one to one session and was briefed about the role. The whole process was smooth and once she had confidence that I was the right candidate for the role, she forwarded my resume to the hiring company. From there I managed to secure the employment. I am grateful to Jaclyn and CTES for identifying me amongst 100's of applicants and presenting me with this opportunity. They are very professional in their services and prompt in updating me along the process and I would recommend them to my friends to any hiring and talent searching services.

Thanks and regards
Puvan Raj


Thank you for all the help that you have provided throughout my whole contract term.
You are always helpful to answer whatever questions that I have.
It is my pleasure to work with you and hope that we have the opportunity to work together in the future.

CTES is a professional agency and I would like to exceptionally point out one of the consultants who follows up closely with her clients.

I hardly come across such dedicated individuals who treat every client with respect and importance.
She is also responsible and provides fact sheets and interviewer’s profiles in addition to the job description.
This is really the extra mile for me! Thumbs up! I have recommended friends to CTES even before I am successfully placed. 
Best regards,
Candidate from healthcare sector

Dear CTES,
Thank you very much for assisting in my career switch. It has been a pleasant experience.
I am especially grateful to CTES' consultants for the encouragement, advice and prompt updates.
Really appreciate the excellent effort and the personal touch by the CTES consultants that differentiate it from other recruiting agencies.

Warm Regards,
Mr Lin

HR Business Partner, MNC (Client)

Despite Zita being away on her mission trip, she has responded urgently and provided last minute payroll support by guiding me on our system via Whatsapp call for 2 hours from 11pm till almost 1am.
I am very grateful to her and wish to commend on her dedication and commitment. She is a 'jewel' to work with, and I congratulate CTES for having such a superb employee in your team.
Once again, Zita, a MILLION thank you!!!


CTES' consultant has a calm demeanor and a knack for helping one feel comfortable from the very start. Thank you for being so relatable and encouraging at the same time, and helping me to recognise my strengths and potential for the courage to try out for something new. Whether the next career move will be with CTES Consulting or not, which I highly hope would be, I'm glad we crossed paths! 
Thank you and keep up your good work! :)

Warmest regards


As a jobseeker who has experienced numerous recruiters and recruitment agencies, I personally feel that my job search experience with CTES is by far the best. From job sourcing to interviews, there was never a moment that i'm left hanging as the team at CTES constantly keeps me updated on job vacancies and on interview opportunities. As I have been moved by the amazing candidate experience I have received from CTES, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to CTES' Team for their strong professionalism and for their invaluable guidance on interviews.

Thank you!


CTES is proactive and has been consistent in understanding my current employment situation. Through that, they are able to look at the correct job fit for me. They are able to communicate efficiently to me about the job requirements and to match what I am looking for in my next career opportunity. They were always there to assist me during the recruitment process leading right up to the official employment. I highly appreciate their service and will recommend them to anyone looking for a career change.


I had a great experience in my job hunting with CTES. The consultant, was really patient when she shared with me more details about the role that I applied for. She is also very professional and possesses strong follow-up skills to check on her candidate's well-being on settling into the new role. I really appreciate the professionalism and the type of service that CTES ensured its consultants in providing.