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banner for the articleCTES proud to Co-sponsor 900 Years old Norwegian Choir to Perform in Esplanade Concert Hall
20 and 21 October 2017

Few things make us happier than helping you attain a fulfilling career where passion meets aspiration. In the contemporary work environment where we strive to perform to the best of our ability, work-related stress may seem unavoidable. CTES is happiest when we are also able to contribute in creating positive work health for our candidates.
To further our cause in delivering holistic customer care, we are proud to be in collaboration with Licha Stelaus Productions to pres...

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banner for the articleSingapore Health Award 2017

CTES has been awarded the EXCELLENT! category in the biennial Singapore HEALTH Award! This award represents the gold standard of workplace health promotion in the company and is reflective of the tremendous effort of CTES in enhancing the well-being of our employees. This is the second time which we are awarded by the Health Promotion Board, Singapore.

Our company organizes health events regularly and these events are open to families and friends...

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banner for the articleNidaros Cathedral Men and Boys Choir

Were you at the Esplanade this evening to hear the Nidaros Cathedral Men and Boys Choir sing? Their voices were amazing!

This concert is presented by Licha Stelaus Productions Pte Ltd, an organization under the umbrella of Chenter Foundation, a charitable foundation registered in the United States. This foundation aims to provide education for underprivileged children, advancement of children’s medical science and healthcare and lastly...

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banner for the articleHave a break, live for the weekends!

In a fast-paced and dynamic working world, we are often given deadlines and workload which we may not be able to handle. From week to week, we bury ourselves in our work, neglecting the protests from our bodies in saying, "HEY, WE NEED A REST HERE!". Thinking that you will be more productive by constantly working is false. Research has shown that we need time to refresh - not just for our bodies, but also for our minds.

Having a mental break is important and this can ...

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banner for the articleThe Reason for Being Unaccomplished

Making the most of our hours maximizes our productivity, increasing output with lesser time taken. We often keep pressing on until we burn out and our performance starts to decline. The focus has been lost as we enter a state of ‘wandering’ – one instance is reading a sentence mindlessly over and over again. Once we slip into this action repeatedly, a habit cultivates and we become used to it. This kind of habit is unhealthy and does not ...

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banner for the articleLittle Things that Go a Long Way

With an average work time of 45 hours a week, squeezing in workout routines is not easy. Still, exercising should be a priority as it is beneficial for health and it improves the quality of life. To adopt a healthier lifestyle, there are habits to take up which can be squeezed into your working hours. 
One way is to take walks for at least 30 minutes each day. It may seem like a long time, but it will add up...

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banner for the articleCTES' 13th Anniversary - Off to Kaohsiung!

Can you believe it? We are 13 years old!

That's 156 months, 676 weeks, 4732 days, 113,568 hours, 6,814,080 minutes and 408,844,800 seconds of serving our clients and candidates!

CTES was founded in 2005 and we have always aimed to provide superb service and to exceed in fulfilling our clients' and candidates' objectives. Since we have started, we have continuously improved our business model to provide a holistic suite ...

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banner for the articlePreparing for a Stress-Free Holiday!

The holiday season is around the corner!

Holidays should rejuvenate you and for you to return to work on a high. It shouldn’t stress you and tire you. Taking a break can be critical to your work performance. Unplugging from work and returning with renewed energy can boost your productivity. Avoid worrying about work and falling into the trap of working while on holiday. Here’s how to prepare for a stress-free holiday.


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banner for the articleThe Singapore Health Award 2019

Here's a GREAT piece of news to share with everyone:

We have recently clinched the Excellence Award in the Singapore HEALTH Award organized by the Health Promotion Board! This award recognizes our organization's tremendous effort in promoting workplace health and in enhancing the well-being of our employees. This is a commendable achievement, considering a participation rate of more than 1,000 companies in Singapore. There were 250 awardees at the Singapore HEALTH Award...

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