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If we think about how we interact with the global sphere today, it is commonly via electronic devices. Well-known brands such as Lazada, Zalora, and OCBC Singapore are some of the most searched brands and their services are easily accessible electronically. Previously, we had to physically go to the bank to make a bank transfer, but today, this transaction can easily be done on your phone!

What does this mean for the job roles today? Just as ar...

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If you are interested in how businesses work, a career in management consulting might be just for you!

Management consulting focuses on the growth of the whole organization, including how to increase and expand the overall productivity, efficiency, and profit. Management consulting comes into play to answer the questions raised by people who manage a part of or the whole business. Each question...

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banner for the articleA Guide to Understanding Your Strengths - Personality Tests

Are you unsure of what you are good at? The 16 Personalities Test is a great guide to the roles you may excel in. We certainly do not wish to be trapped with a mundane job we do not enjoy.

Identifying our personality traits gives us an understanding of our skills. This not only narrows our options to make selection easier, it also allows us to work in our own strengths, making them even stronger! This leads to a crafted persona that showcases our...

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banner for the articlePower of LinkedIn for Your Career

Do you have a LinkedIn account? What do you use it for? It is an easy way to reconnect with an ex-co-worker or schoolmates. However, many members of LinkedIn are not making the full use of this social media platform to their advantage. Discovering it’s features and functions will unlock its potential for greater things you least expected!

LinkedIn as a marketing tool
banner for the articleCareer Transformation, Education, and Support Programme

Do you know?

CTES offers our very own Career Preparation Programme! Our Career Transformation, Education, and Support Programme is an innovative career preparation series with a triple focus on Career Support (Reflections and Development), Career Education (Structured Training), and Care...

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banner for the articleWhat is the Difference Between Advertising, Marketing and PR?

For the vast majority, the terms marketing, advertising and public relations (PR) are commonly associated and more often, people get confused with the terms. Although there are similarities (significant engagement) between the three, there are also key differences.

The key difference is their primary focus. Marketing is the promotion of products and services for the purpose of revenue. It is a large umbrella for boosting public awareness that inc...

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banner for the articleDelivering Effective Presentations at LSBF

Is there a set way to deliver presentations effectively? Presentations are carried out in many areas – schools, workplace, events, and many more. We were glad to better equip the students at the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) for future presentations related to their coursework. Some of LSBF's employees attended the talk too!

There are various factors involved in delivering your presentation to ensure maximum eff...

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Whether in our workplace or in our personal lives, we have surely encountered challenges handling people. Sometimes, we reach an impasse where we do not know how to react to the situations. This is where interpersonal skills kick in and do its job, helping us to create and maintain good relationships, manage conflicts and solve problems. Strong interpersonal skills empower us to network effectively.

Here are four key areas of development for inte...

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banner for the articleHow skills picked up in NS can apply to the commercial world

In all the years we’ve been providing career counselling and coaching, we have noticed — and heard firsthand — from our candidates that some skills picked up in National Service (NS) are highly applicable to the workforce. Contrary to popular belief, NS can be a period in a man’s life where essential skills are picked up that can be applied to his professional endeavours.

Often deemed a rite of passage where boys become men, National Service is the ...

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banner for the articleIntroducing a New Class of Labour with Industry 4.0

There is a new shark circling in the waters of Dubai Marina. It is not the shark you were expecting, its name is WasteShark and it hunts pollution in the waters. WasteShark is a waterborne drone that eats up trash instead of living beings. It not only swallows floating waste and filters water but also collects water quality data. Measuring the temperate, air pressure and quality of the water is useful in collecting real-time data, allowing for a dynamic understanding of water quality. Th...

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